Friday, 28 September 2012

633 Squadron Mosquito flight
Scenes from the film 633 Squadron (1964). Based on a novel by Frederick Smith. 
It was a mission that would call for all the training, skill, and daredevil courage that the men of 633 Sqn possesed. It was a mission that had to be  acomplished, whatever the cost, because inside the hidden instalation the germans were at work on a force that would bring instant death and destruction of the Allied cause.
The book is highly recomended, a jewel !

Titles published of 633 Sqn:
633 Sqn
633 Sqn: Operation Crucible
633 Sqn Operatin Rhine Maiden
633 Sqn Operation Valkyrie
633 Sqn Operation Cobra
633 Sqn Operation Titan
633 Sqn Operation Crisis
633 Sqn Operation Thor
633 Sqn Oparation Defiant
All fantastic reading for Moosie and lovers !

Part 1

Part 2

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