Friday, 12 October 2012

F 4J Phantom II

This time I´m building a F 4J - VMFA 232 "Red Devils".
The kit is the old but good ESCI in 1/48 scale, Bicentenial model, so I had made some modifications to represent a F 4J because the Bicentenial is a F 4B type.
I added the internal & external pylons, the external fuel tanks & the missiles, all of these didn´t come with the kit. The seats are KMC #485050 aftermarket set.
After the building process I used Mr. Surfacer 1200 for general priming. Paints are Humbrol Enamels
(nº 129 - nº 130 - nº 85) and Model Master Metalizers (Burnt Metal & Stainless Steel).

To mask the cannopie I used Tamiya masking tape.

Decaling with a Microscale aftermarket decal sheet. Aircraft is of VMFA 232 - Red Devils - USMC. I used Microsol to in the decaling process.

To enhace the panel lines I gave a wash of black oil piant diluted in tupertine.


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