Thursday, 11 October 2012

P 47D Thunderbolt "Bubble Top"

P 47D 25 RE - 509th FS/405th FG
This is the Academy P47 D in 1/72 scale. The kit is a very good one, nice surface detail, engraved panel lines and very good fit. It comes with all the accesories to represent a strafing fighter bomber P 47D. Construction was easy. Paints are Model Master Metalizers in diferent shades. Decals are from the kit. Highly recomended kit.

WW2 colour video about the P 47
Amazing, real pilots, real kills.Based on the strafing Allied campaign in France 1944.

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Daniel Arias said...

Bloody good video, the one of the ground-strafing P47's in France. Don't know where you get this kind of stuff from, but you are running a marvelous blog, mate. And the models are real lookers too.