Saturday, 24 February 2007

Mosquito FB Mk VI - 1/48 - Tamiya

I built this Moosie in Jan - Feb 2006. It´s a OOB build, no aftermarket set was used, the only replacement was the canopy because I brooke the original, I used one from Falcon.
The kit is Tamiya in 1/48 scale. It was a fantastic & very enjoyable project. Fit of all parts was perfect, I didn´t find troubles and practically no putty was used (just a little in the wing to fuselage join). The level of detail is very good. The cockpit comes with all the interior details, I just added the seat belts made of lead foil.
To paint this model I used Model Master Enamels & the flat overall coat is Model Master Acrylic. Decals are from the kit.

I higly recommend this kit to everyone, specially for those who loves the Moosie.
The aircraft is from 143 Sqn - Banff Strike Wing - 1945


Bill said...

Great work, Carlos! I also love the Mossie. I am looking for a decal sheet - Mosquito Nose Art, Part 1 (Cutting Edge Decal 48-122)
Do you have any idea where I might purchase it?
Thanks for any help!
Take care,
Bill Bell USA

Al from Scotland said...

Excellent work. I'm just starting to build models again and love WWII aircraft. Faves are the Mosquito, Hurricane and FW190.