Sunday, 25 February 2007

Mosquito NF II - 1/72 - Airfix

This Moosie was built OOB. It´s the Airfix Mosquito kit in 1/72 scale. Construction is the typical Airfix one, with some fitting problems. I found specially dificult the buiding of the landing gears, too much care is necesary for not to make a mess out of them. Some filler and a lot of sanding was needed to get a good join between the fuselages sides. The fit of the wings to fuselage is good and also the fit of the nacelles to the wings, no filler was required here. The interior is very spartan and lacks detail.I dicided not to use any aftermarket set and leave it as it comes. The canopy is made of thick plastic, but is very transparent and clear, it looks good.

I painted it with Humbrol Enamels and then I applied Model Master Acrylic Flat coat.
Decals are from a Tamiya kit.
The aircraft is from 157 Sqn - Castle Camps - 1942

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