Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Spitfire Mk Ia - 1/48 - Tamiya

This is a Spitfire Mk Ia in 1/48 scale from Tamiya. I built this project for the Duel in the Sky campaign in Aeroscale web site in December 2006.
It´s a typical Tamiya OOB. All pieces fall toghether with ease. Very little putty was needed only in the upper cowling joins.
The figures are from ICM, they´re excellent, with very fine detail.
The cammo is the one used from Nov. 1940 on.
For painting the AC I used Model Master Enamels, for the figures I used Vallejo Acrylics (hand painted). Decals are from the kit.
I higly recomend this kit to everyone !
The aircraft is from 92 Sqn. - Biggin Hill - November 1940


Robin said...

Carlos, congratulations on your Spitfires. They are very well painted and finished. For me, the addition of the pilots and the dog added extra interest to the scene, bringing it 'alive'. Well done.
(I am a military modeller who does mainly figures).

Team RF said...

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Marcello from Italy.

Anonymous said...

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