Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Mosquito NF XIX - 1/72 - Airfix

This is the 1/72 scale Airfix - Mosquito NF Mk XIX. Building is typical Airfix Mosquito in 1/72 scale. In this case a little surgery was needed to use the special nose (included in the kit). For cutting the one who comes with the fuselage halves I used a fresh nÂș 11 Xacto blade. When the fuselge was assembled I dry fit several times the radom nose in place before applying glue, this for ensure a right alignemet. Some putty and sanding was needed to achieve a smooth finsh.
In this kit after all the assembly was done, I applied a gral. coat of Mr. Surfacer 1200 to give an overall smooth surface and fill little gaps. It worked fantastic ! For painting I used Model Master Enamels. The invasion stripes are painted. Decals are from the kit.

This is an aircraft of 157 Sqn wearing D Day Invasion Stripes- 1944

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